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Credit Transfer and Work Experience Credits

Palm Creek University credit transfer services ensure exemption of courses completed prior to admission at Palm Creek University . In this way, you will be able to reduce the tuition fee as well as time required to complete your program.

Transfer Credit

The credit transfer program ensures that studies at Palm Creek University continued without any gaps and hassles Our credit transfer program helps students obtain credit transfers in a majority of the courses.

In order to do this, students have to submit the transcripts of previously completed courses when filling out the application form. After proper evaluation of the transcripts, credit hours are successfully transferred, which means that the applicant does not have to enroll in or study those particular courses again. In this way, students can complete their program earlier and also get a substantial reduction in their tuition fee.

Military transcripts

Military personnel may use their military training and experience to earn a Palm Creek degree. Palm Creek University has introduced special tuition rates for such individuals, through which their total program fee can be reduced by 50%.

If you have previously served in the military, you may contact our student consultants at 1-866-744-1538 to learn more about submitting military transcripts.

Get Your Credits Accepted Right Away!

You can get up to 70% of your courses exempted. Apply Now

If you wish to transfer your credits to Palm Creek from another university, please contact our admission representative to learn more about credit transfers and receive a transfer evaluation. We will review your transcript and, if possible, increase your transferred credit hours.

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