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Program Objective

Doctorate degree program at Palm Creek University with mix of advanced coursework and research would enable you to get hands on experience on the significant developments and contributions made in a particular field of study. Candidates acquire advanced specialized research training and in return they produce a thesis that provides a thorough synopsis of the independent thought and critical analysis made by the student within the field of context.

The wide array of online coursework and research options allows students to work over diverse areas and bolsters the capability of the students in the relevant field of interest.

Students have the opportunity of choosing from two different doctorate programs offered at Palm Creek University

1- Doctorate Degree (Applied)
2- Doctorate Degree (Research)

Moreover, students can get their previously earned credit hours transferred in order to shorten their program length and complete it in an accelerated mode

Read more about Credit Transfer Program

Admission Requirements

In order to apply at Palm Creek University's Doctorate Degree Program, students should have completed their Masters Degree (or equivalent International Education) from a well recognized accredited school or an institution.

Students wishing to gain a degree at the Doctorate level must meet all the relevant requirements of the of their respective faculty. For more details, students can contact our Admission Counselors.

Eligibility Criteria and Related Details

Eligibility Requirement Applicant should have cleared GCE or an Equivalent International Qualification
Program Outline 3 Research Courses + 5 Major Courses and
a Detailed Thesis Report
Fields 11
Total Credit Hours 54
Program Duration Two Years**
Course Material/Books Free
Prior learning Credits Acceptable (upon provision of sufficient documentation)

Please Note:
● Courses may vary on basis of Credit Hours Earned by an Applicant.
● Total Fee will be calculated after deducting the amount earned through Scholarship.
● Since its a Self Paced Program, Overall Duration May Vary.

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