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Palm Creek University Making Headlines

Welcome to Palm Creek University newsroom where you can find out about all the latest updates and happenings at the university. Palm Creek University consistently makes headlines and receives accolades from the international media for its exceptional academic services. See some of our latest news and resources below:

Palm Creek Online Executive MBA Ranked World #5

June 30, 2014
A renowned online higher education ranking body recently released its ranking for the best online executive MBA programs of 2014. We’re glad to share it with our readers that Palm Creek University made it to the coveted 5th position in the list.

The ranking site, over a period of over two decades, has developed comprehensive assessment criteria for online degree-awarding institutions in which the evaluators undertake an in-depth assessment of the quality and content of online courses, program structure, levels of flexibility, affordability, and e-learning platform and technology.

Being ranked world number 5 means that Palm Creek University successfully met the criteria set by the program evaluation website, and will continue to improve its online program quality standards to more effectively cater to its worldwide student base.

Palm Creek to Cater to a Larger World Audience

June 25, 2014
Palm Creek University is all set to cater to a larger international audience, as announced by the university’s president on Saturday in an official blog post.

“We have made all necessary arrangements to expand our global outreach from 140 countries to 175 countries,” said the president. Being an online institution, the university could still be accessed no matter where in the world a student was. But the new expansion plan will result in more comprehensive, localized educational services to students in an additional 35 countries. Some measures taken to expand the institution’s global outreach include setting up of localized support centers, addition of bilingual advisory teams for improved counseling, editing of program/course content as per the country’s job market, addition/subtraction of programs as per the country’s employment landscape and more.

The expanded global outreach is aimed at catering to a larger global audience that’s in dire need of easy access to quality higher education. “With the new measures taken, Palm Creek University is one step closer to realizing its mission,” added the president.

$6 Million Worth of Scholarships for Quarter 3, 2014

June 23, 2014
Students in the U.S. and the Middle East will be able to benefit from the upcoming scholarships, bringing the costs of their tuition up to a huge 70%. These need- and merit-based scholarships are developed with those in mind who have the potential to shine but have little resources to do so.

To keep it simple and easily accessible to the deserving candidates, the scholarship program features soft qualification criteria. Starting from July 1, 14, the scholarship program will close at the end of the month after which similar programs will be launched in Palm Creek University’s other global chapters as well.

Those interested in availing the scholarship need to fill the same form they use to enroll in a program. Their names will be added to the waiting list and they will be contacted by Palm Creek University representative within 24 hours of application submission.

Palm Creek University Records 80% Increase in Enrollment of Business Undergraduate Programs

January, 2016
Palm Creek University is one of the leading online universities, assisting its students to climb the ladder of success. The university offers flexible and affordable degree programs in the lucrative business domain at undergraduate and graduate level both, completely accredited and recognized at international level. PJU takes pride in the increase of enrollment in its undergraduate business degree programs, as it justifies the quality of education delivered by the university. The university offers undergraduate business degree programs with 17 majors, which include Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Aviation Management and in 12 other areas.

Mr. Anthony Merlin, Director of Palm Creek University, states: “It gives us immense pleasure that our undergraduate business degree programs have received global recognition and acceptance, as students have enrolled from all over the world in the 2014 Admissions. We have always made efforts to introduce online degree programs in the most rewarding fields, so that individuals can acquire professional skills and quality education and attain a successful career. The credit also goes to our highly committed and qualified faculty members, who are assisting students in improving their career prospects in the ever expanding field of business. 80% increase in the enrollment of UG business programs is a symbol of trust and credibility.”

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Mission of Online Tutoring Services and Services Offered By Palm Creek University

December, 2015
Thanks to Palm Creek University, lack of finances won’t ever be an issue. University would give scholarship to those students who need it, so that they can continue their education without difficulty.

All the students of Palm Creek University would have to access to a student portal. Students can use this portal to manage their course content. Using these portal students can perform any task related to their education and can also communicate with the faculty or the administration. They can also apply or any educational transcript too using this portal.

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